This is when I stop. I've played enough Battle Pyramid with this team to rightfully conclude that this team is invincible... when the right decisions are made. I did have one close call with a Dragon Dancing Dragonite, a while back, and another one fairly recently with a Double Team + Brightpowder, Sub-punch Regirock. Though, with the 99 Revives & 12 Max Revives I had in my inventory, before the bullshit occurred, there was no possible way I could lose. Oh, did I mention the 198 Hyper Potions (99 x 2) and the 14 Full Restores? I was never in any threat of losing, as long as I had at least 2 of my 3 Pokémon conscious at all times. What a journey this was... 1015 floors cleared; I'll be damned if that isn't the world record.